Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fakes are not in Fashion

Hey Foxy people!

Do not buy fakes! You are contributing to child labor if you do! You know they are made with shoddy materials anyway and you are just wasting your money! Treat yourself to something high quality for a special occasion in your life! The item will be special and you will feel better about yourself! Besides, do we really believe those backwards "Gs" are real GUCCIS?? NO!

Costume jewelry is fun and we know it is not trying to be something it is not!

So go out, treat yourself and be FOXY!



  1. You are too funny...Are you becoming nocturnal?

  2. cherie darlinggggg
    hi its lauren,Karen Decker's niece.
    i was reading some of your blogs and i noticed that you mention Forever 21 often and i agree with a lot that you've said. i'm sure you've noticed that Forever 21 offers high fashion appearance without the high fashion price. I shop there at least once a week (it's an addiction) and the bulky jewelry may seem over done, but it makes an outfit. Also i read in my H&M magazine that accessories this season are not supposed to match your outfit. I suppose that's because they're meant to make a statement. But instead of writing a full-blown novel as a comment i'll leave it at that. just food for thought.

    Ps- I love fashion too and your blog is definitely insightful and fun to read!

    your friend karen's niece,
    Lauren =]

  3. AWWW Thanks Lauren! Do it up at the 21!