Wednesday, July 29, 2009



My fave sunglass picks! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ray-Bans! My fave is the Wayfarer. I especially enjoy the large Wayfarers. The color selections are outrageous! I am just starting to maybe like the Nicole Richie-style of bug-eyes. I need to try some more on! Anyway, have fun, go cheap, go high-end, go color! Whatever you choose, have fun and be FOXY!


Have a Foxy day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fall Ahead


Okay, I know it is July, but we must start planning our Fall wardrobe. I am very excited about the over the knee boots hitting the stores! I am sooo glad I got my Frye boots last season! ( Thanks JP) Get yourself some knee high boots people! Next, deep plum is the color of the fall season, so look at what you have, and add that to the mix. I also see some neutral coats with bracelet sleeves to be worn with long colorful gloves. Of course, my fave, animal prints is coming on strong this season. I have my eye on a pair of leopard moccasinsand DVF leggings.:) The boyfriend jean is everywhere, are we tired yet? Nah! Wear 'em. But you need skinny jeans for the over-the-jean- boot look. Lastly, I have my eye on a gorge GOYARD bag. It MUST be monagrammed if you indulge! May need to pick one up in VEGA$!

What are you WAITING for? Poeple have already pre-ordered their stuff! GET ON IT!

Have a FOXY day!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fakes are not in Fashion

Hey Foxy people!

Do not buy fakes! You are contributing to child labor if you do! You know they are made with shoddy materials anyway and you are just wasting your money! Treat yourself to something high quality for a special occasion in your life! The item will be special and you will feel better about yourself! Besides, do we really believe those backwards "Gs" are real GUCCIS?? NO!

Costume jewelry is fun and we know it is not trying to be something it is not!

So go out, treat yourself and be FOXY!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is CPW? It stands for COST PER WEAR. When you are purchasing clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc, you can figure out if something is worth the price by dividing the number of times you might wear something into the price. For example, people think it is crazy to spend $200 on jeans right?? BUT, what if said jeans made you look AWESOME? What if, let's say, you wore them 10 times in one month? SO, that would make them like, 20 dollars per wear! Not so bad for jeans that make you feel awesome versus some jeans that make you feel uncomfortable. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE HERE???

So, next time you are thinking about splurging, use the CPW conversion to see if the item is worth it.

Have a Foxy Day!


P.S. Thanks Mr. Schenk, I knew Calcus would help me one day! LOL

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why I LOVE Christian Louboutins

When I see Christian Louboutin pumps, my heart starts thumping, my hands get sweaty, and my mouth goes dry. WHY does this happen? Have you seen them?? They are GORGEOUS!
The red sole is just beautiful, the platform is perfect and the shiny black patent makes me want to cry! I have not decided which pair I love the most. Do I want a class pair, back, regular heel? Or do I want something crazy that stands out? Do I like the leopard? I love the colors, but do I want black so the red sole stands out?? I think any pair will do! Check them out!

My new mantra is QUALITY over QUANTITY! Sure you can have a ton on Nine West shoes, but one pair of LOUBIES will set you on the right PATH!


~Have a FOXY DAY!