Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Blues

Hey Foxy Gals!

So, winter is here and what's a girl to do? I do miss my flip flops. But, the weather is chilly. First up, get a snuggly, slim fit sweater dress. They have them at all price points, colors lengths, etc. Next, get yourself some cool tights, patterned, solid, dotted, GO FOR IT! Finally, slip on some lovely leather boots, high, flat, low, YOU CHOOSE. You will be happy and winter won't feel so cold!

Stay Foxy!



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Fall Fashions

So, I have been previewing the fall looks and I realized we have seen everything already! This is good! Why?? We can shop our closets and we don't need anything new! No need to buy new right this minute! The BIG trend for fall is military. Not the camouflage deluge of a few years ago. though, mostly army green & brown colors. Look in your closet and I am sure you have something already like this. Find a brown blazer or army green colored something in you closet, throw on a brown belt and those leather boots you have had in your closet and you are good to go! Another trend this fall is leather. I actually saw leather shorts, but we don't need to recreate this look since I am sure we all did leather shorts in the 80s! haha! BUT, we can pull out our leather jackets and sport them. We all have one or two. You may even have something else in leather hanging around, pants, skirts, boots. Take them out give them a whirl. Last trend still hanging around is leggings. You know you have at least one pair. Take them out again because they are back for fall. If you don't have , Target has a pair by Mossimo brand for 6 dollars! So, go in your closet and shop it like it's the mall! Have fun;)

Always be Foxy!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fave Five Fashion Websites


So, since I'm trapped at home I thought I would give out my Top Five fashion websites!

Ok, The first one is Sign up for this site and you will get a list of sample sales and other happy fashion advice. Second:, great site for great designers and some unknown brands as well. Third: This site shows you celebrities on the street and details what they were wearing and where to find cheaper versions!! Whoohooo! Fourth:, the person running this site takes pics of people on the street that are fashionable. Last fave fashion site: giltgroupecom. This site has daily sales that start at 12:00PM. Great designers for super cheap! You need to be invited so let me know if you need an invite!!