Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is CPW? It stands for COST PER WEAR. When you are purchasing clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc, you can figure out if something is worth the price by dividing the number of times you might wear something into the price. For example, people think it is crazy to spend $200 on jeans right?? BUT, what if said jeans made you look AWESOME? What if, let's say, you wore them 10 times in one month? SO, that would make them like, 20 dollars per wear! Not so bad for jeans that make you feel awesome versus some jeans that make you feel uncomfortable. ARE WE ON THE SAME PAGE HERE???

So, next time you are thinking about splurging, use the CPW conversion to see if the item is worth it.

Have a Foxy Day!


P.S. Thanks Mr. Schenk, I knew Calcus would help me one day! LOL

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