Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sexy Dresses

I want to warn you all NOT to wear a dress that looks maternity! If you have been there, done that you don't want to LOOK IT! I do not even go NEAR anything like that looks billowy! If I really like the dress I have to BELT it! Listen ladies, we work hard to look good at the gym, SHOW IT OFF!

Enough said!

Have a FOXY DAY!


Oh, BTW, HUGE SAKS sale starts today !!!!


  1. i ll tell you that i am not to happy with all these long billowy dresses as well and those maternity looking shirts they have out now. i lke a clean fit, Not to much ruffles or even these peasant tops. not feeling them..prefer to stay along clean your blog. now i that i am up and rolling on this,i will be commenting ans asking lots of questions!!!

  2. K... I really loathe those dresses!