Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jump in the Jean POOL!

Ahh... the simple, yet so complex. If you were to look into my closet and see my jeans....well, it's obscene. OKAY, as my niece says, "I have a problem and my dad has to deal with it!" LOL I heart jeans. I am always searching for the "right" pair. I love all washes, lengths, styles, etc. You name it, I love it. One day, my closet exploded due to the jeans. I mean it actually exploded. I heard a large bang ...and when I ran in, my beloved jeans were everywhere. When my dad came to fix said closet he just shook his head.

But alas, I am not ashamed. NOW , let's get to my fave jean picks.

My ALL time faves are AG jeans, Guess Premium, Seven DKNY ( for dark work styles), and Forever 21 for cheap trendy fixes. Lucky and Citizen have nice styles too. Oh and BEBE.

try them all on and buy multiples of the ones you love. But be careful, even though it is the same brand and size, each one is different.

What are you waiting for?

Have a Foxy Day!



  1. just some friendly advice to all you girls who might have some junk in the trunk, as i myself do, lucky jeans look great if you have a "bubble" but!! They really are a great fit especially since they hide the thong that usually peeks out your backside.. Just some words of wisdom from someone who has tried every fit, flare, lohg lean, bootcut, wide leg, highwaisted .. LUCKY ROCKS!! oops cherie was i allowed to post advice or should i be requestiong your advice? !!!! Great blog!!

  2. Yes, Thank-you Michele for addressing the booty-FUL girls, and yes i requested people post their faves!
    Do you have to take the waist in???