Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Fashion fixes

The fall season is underway. Here are some tips for looking your best!
1. Do an inventory of your boots. Do you need to update your style? Donate or sell the old styles and buy one or two new pairs.
2. Check your coats. Fix any missing buttons, keep matching gloves in the pockets.
3. Sell or donate your UGGS. It's over.
4, Leggings should be treated as tights. Remember, they are not pants.
5. Update tights and knee high socks (for boots)
6. Rotate out summer purse.
7. Try on all jeans. Donate the old styles. If you didn't wear them last year, you won't wear them this year.
8. Look at your closet. What key pieces do you really need?
9. I like a fun coat. A coat is what you wear every day. Get a statement coat that makes you happy.
10. Spend the least on hats, gloves and scarves, but have fun choosing them. 💋


  1. Excellent thoughts on fall fixes. I have a fun coat,it's pink plaid,so if I fall in a snow drift they'll find me :)