Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stripe me UP!

Hey, my fellow fashion lovers! My new obsession is stripes. I mean on everything, dresses, pants, jeans, tanks, tees, you name it, and I am there. Some of you may be thinking YIKES I am scared, they may make me look fat. Weirdly enough if worn properly they have the opposite effect, they make you look slimmer. I saw stripes at so many price points, it's hard to pick just one. The pair of pants in my picture are from H & M and they were....wait for it....$12.95. I am in love with them. They can be worn with a pop of color on the shoes, or a blazer. I plan on rocking them again with my pink blazer from Forever 21. So, if you want to try a a classic, try some stripes. Why not?

Have a FOXY Day!

~Cherie xoxoxoxo


  1. Love your outfit. Too cute! I am giving away $50 to ASOS and I would love for you to stop by and enter!