Sunday, December 6, 2009



Besides leopard, my other signature is happy sequins. I know the stores are saying they are in. BUT SERIOUSLY, when have they been out?? I have loved them my whole life. I love vintage sequins items because no one else will have the same. I have several vintage pieces in my collection that can't be found anywhere. I love a sequin tuxedo jacket with jeans and flats. Wear a sequin beret just hanging off your head on a casual day. I wore my pink vintage one and FIVE people stopped me and asked where I got, no joke. ( In Vega$ at Annie Creamcheese Vintage of course!) I love the new sequin Loubies and they come in various colors; a nice way to dress up a plain black dress. I am waiting for the just the right to time to pull out my vintage score of a pink sequin tank dress that can't be found anywhere! Maybe New Year's? We will see!
Get happy and sparkly!
What are you waiting for?
Have a Foxy day!

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