Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sexy Sandals for the Season!

So what's the best sandals of the season? After perusing the stores, I saw an overflow of sexy strappy sandals. Thank goodness the gladiator lasted more than one season. There are sooo many styles, colors, and heights available! I personally love the embellished strappy sandals, whether it be beads, stones, studs, or jewels. If you are a newbie at these gladiators, take it slow, get a pair that does not go too high on the leg. If you love them, go CRAZY! Why not? Life is too short NOT to! If you have a plain dress from last summer, no need to go out and buy a NEW dress, update the look with a pair of super high strappy heels. The best pair is by Calvin Klein in beige or black.They can be found at Bloomingdale's or on the Calvin Klein website. They were reasonably priced and look great on everyone.

Have a Foxy day!

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